david stevens

believing the impossible


Hey there! I’m a professional developer, trainer, listener, and problem solver. I work remotely in Greenville, SC for Kingdom First. I currently manage internal systems development for our team as well as external projects with contractors.

Want to connect, chat, or ask a question? My DM’s are always open.

My Background

I was a senior web developer for over 5 years at NewSpring Church, who had 35k weekly attendees, 180k+ user profiles, and 19 locations across South Carolina. I led the transition to and development of Rock RMS as a single source of truth to automate internal processes, retool the user portal, and leverage native apps.

Before that, I worked as a software contractor for law enforcement, as a network analyst for a law firm, and a few other roles where I tried to take something apart, break it, and get it working again.

My Biography


David is a senior developer with over a decade’s worth of mistakes and problem solving to show for it. He loves finding ways to be more efficient, doing things with intensity, and sleeping outdoors. You can find him on Twitter and his website, davidstevens.us, except when he’s spending time with his wife and daughter.