david stevens

relentlessly improving


Below is a list of significant projects that I’ve worked on:

Open Source

Rock RMS

Rock is a content and relationship management system written in C# and SQL, using .NET 4.6, Entity Framework 6, jQuery, DotLiquid, Bootstrap and REST endpoints. Plugin interfaces are loaded and consumed with MEF. Active project since 2012.


Slingshot is an API-driven bulk import app for Rock RMS written in C# using .NET 4.6 and Entity Framework. Active project since 2017.

Attended Checkin

Attended Check-in is a check-in module for Rock RMS to process, assign and room balance every week. This plugin is being used by multiple organizations to process 20k+ attendees a week. Active project since 2014.


Excavator is a data import app for Rock RMS written in C# and XAML using .NET 4.6, Entity Framework 6, and WPF. It supports MDF parsing, CSV and ZIP imports from multiple data source providers. Released in 2015 and used to convert over 7M records. Sunset in 2017 in favor of faster REST architecture.


Holtzman is a ReactJS cross-platform app using GraphQL to interface with Mongo, MySQL, and MSSQL databases. Released to 60k users in 2016; sunset in 2018 in favor of a simpler React Native rebuild.


CyberSource is an online payment gateway used by Rock. V1 was released in 2014 and used to process over $1M in event registrations. V2 was rewritten in 2016 as a fully-PCI compliant client-side plugin and actively being used to process non-profit donations and event registration payments.

Tristate Maps

Tristate Maps is a MeteorJS app to geocode, render, and segment over 150k addresses on MapBox tiles using MongoDB. Sunset in 2014.

Corporate Source

Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics is a web-based CRM for sales, marketing leads, and contracts. I led custom development and conversion of over 30k records from Salesforce, Excel, and a legacy marketing and contact system.


EMRS is a Winforms app to automatically monitor, report, and recover health statuses of local machines, servers, or clusters. EMRS was written in C# using .NET 2.0 with Web Services and MSSQL.


SSTP was a sales tax project website with secure logins, Flash-based chatroom, mailing lists, and profiles. Sunset in 2009.